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Hi guys, so today is all about my coastal scents hauls I ordered for last year during their Black Friday sales November 2015 but I just received It 2 weeks back ( sent it to my sister-in-laws address in USA and told her to hold on to it till I was ready as I was relocating as at the time). I got their hot pot eyeshadows which was on sale for $0.98 and I ended up getting 44 pieces,  1 Mineral glitter pot in Bejeweled, 2  interchangeable Pallete and 1 smokey Eyes Brush set. Being that it was on sale I didn’t pay much. The total amount I paid wasn’t even up to $60 for every thing. I made sure I did my homework and research on the hot pots before I added then in my cart upon purchasing ( I really did my homework). During the sales when you spend up to $50 you have free delivery to a US address which i did to reduce the shipping cost from the US to another country. 


I fell in love with the shades I got. They are smooth, buttery, blendable, easy to apply and work with and most of all very INEXPENSIVE and PIGMENTED. Not all of them are but the ones I ordered for myself are AWESOME. How inexpensive and Pigmented it is was the driving factor for this purchase which I did. I had other hot pot shades i wanted to purchase but they were out of Stock ( yeah out of Stock imagine,  wasn’t surprised though). So, I went to plan B and picked other shades that were available at the moment that I knew was the bomb also. I wouldn’t blame them ( coastal scents) because alot of people were waiting to buy the world ( hot pots, etc) on their website.  I stalked the site myself before I could get through in ordering for the things I wanted. I am happy with the hot pots I got and I wanted to show you guys the hot pots I got and maybe when you guys want to make purchases of your own you could give these ones I got a try because I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE and I can’t wait to create looks using them.
So, the shades I got are as follows according to the pictures below going horizontally:



1.  HP – ME07 White Silver
2.  HP – 125    Gypsy Blue
3.  HP –  197   Niagara
4.  HP –  229   Lakeshore
5.  HP –  208   Platinum Blue
6.  HP –  005   Frosty Taupe
7.  HP –  216   Kodiak
8.  HP –  198   Pacific Opal
9.  HP –  213   Laguna Green
10. HP –  126  Jewel Teal
11. HP – 200  Persian Green
12. HP – 158  Deep Viridian
13. HP – 230  Mazarine Blue
14. HP – 012  Brandeis Blue
15. HP – 270 Golden Buttercup
16. HP – 260  Mimosa
17. HP –  261 Miss Marigold
18. HP – 242  Atomic Apricot
19. HP – 301  Tangerine Dream
20. HP – 251  Phoenix Sun
21. HP – ME03  Bright Copper
22. HP – 185 Sage Sensation
23. HP – 183 Peridot
24. HP – 165  Limelight


25. HP – 296 Deep Merlot
26. HP – ME04  Light Plum
27. HP – ME20  Mauve Frost
28. HP – 021     Wisteria
29. HP – ME06 Silver Lilac
30. HP – 307  Panama Rose
31. HP – 305 Raspberry Tart
32. HP – 206 Dark Goldenrod
33. HP – 195 Golden Avocado
34. HP – 302  Pure Bronze
35. HP – 269  Medieval Gold
36. HP – 040  Deep Eggplant
37. HP – 014  Regalia Purple
38. HP – 314  Edgy Eggplant
39. HP – ME19  Pink Frost
40. HP – 134 Vibrant Maroon
41. HP – 286  Wine Berry
42. HP – 253  Baked Clay
43.  HP – 136  Vibrant Red
44. HP – 274  Fire Glow

Please don’t mind the picture quality,  it was taken at night and I wasn’t patient enough to take Pictures of them first before swatching them on my hands. #Sorry no pictures of Swatches yet
I had a mishap with Mazarine Blue.  It was broken upon delivery and I had to put my DIY tip to use by using 99% alcohol on putting it together honey yesssss! Baby yesssss!

I was also given a small Eyeshadow sample set 39  of hot pots at the side and they are:


* Solar Flare
* Vibrant Green
* Vibrant Plum
* Capri Blue

Out of the free sample I was given, the very 1 I am most definitely in love with is the Vibrant Plum (Matte).  I wish I ordered that very one in a normal size pan. I love it alot. Its soooooo soft, buildable and blendable. I use it on my Crease or Outer V of my Eye. Its a must have definitely. You won’t be disappointed.



I decided to get just 1 Glitter  Powder called Bejeweled which is ah-mazing and shiny/glittery as ever. I regret not buying more glitter,  if I had known how beautiful it was i would have ordered more for myself. It was on sale for $2.48. You can’t beat that with a stick Dar-ling, you can’t.


So, I had to buy interchangeable  palette 28 piece  to store/put them ( hot pots) in to keep them safe. It was on sale for  $4.43 each. So, I bought 2 of them. The Packaging is not all that but it still works as it has 28 wells which is magnetic.  So, the hot pots just stays in it without falling off because its magnetic and it fits right into it. I love it alot, it does the job just fine sweety just fine.



I got 1 smokey Eye brush from Coastal Scents. It was on sale for $5.47.  I just decided to get these because I wanted something travel friendly that contains the essential eye brush.  I am not in total love with all the brushes inside except the blending brush.  I love the blending brush alot,  it blends very nicely and its not harsh and scratchy at all. The set contains 5 Cosmetic Brushes which includes:

* Large Shadow Brush (Pony Tail)
*  Dome Smudger ( Pony Tail)
*  Medium Shadow ( Pony Tail)
*  Blender ( Goat hair)
*  Angled Liner (Synthetic)
*  1 Gunmetal Case

Included with the set is a  “Smokey Eyes in Six Easy Steps ” guide to help you create the perfect smokin’ eyes.

See you guys later till my next post #Cheers

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