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Hi guys, its me again.  So today’s post is all about reviving your dried – up or drying – up Gel Eyeliners using INGLOT DURALINE which is a mixing Medium.  I have “heard” and ‘read’ soooooo many things about this product and I had quite a few drying – up Gel Liners that stared at me each time I opened my makeup box. I didn’t want to buy a new one and after few weeks it ends up in that state ( drying – up) and thereby throwing it away again and the cycle continues all over again.  So, I decided to take the plunge in buying it and you know what I HAVE NO REGRETS,  NO REGRETS AT ALL in purchasing it. Infact,  its the best thing that ever happened to me in the makeup world ( not my personal /private life). Its just a necessity a makeup artist needs in their make-up kit and should have at hand.

what the company says / Claims:

Duraline is a special transforming liquid that will turn any Powder Eyeshadow into a liquid transformation. 

Use one small drop of Duraline mixed with any pressed or loose eyeshadow. This transforms the Eyeshadow into a concentrated fluid texture that can be used as a Gel eyeshadow or liquid eye liner.

Mixing Duraline with eyeshadow ensures that the color will resist creasing, smudging or fading.

Using the dropper, dispense one drop of Duraline onto the back of your hand. Wet a brush by dipping it into the fluid (11S or 17TL for eyeshadow and 23T for Eyeliner)  then blend into any pressed or loose Powder Eyeshadow.  Paint the transformed liquid eyeshadow onto Eyelids or draw along the base of lashes to create a water resistant Eyeliner.

My Thoughts / Review:

This product is a dream.  Yeah! Consistency wise, it looks like oil but it does the job of softening the gel liners beautifully well. It has never irritated my eyes or caused any burning sensation on me. So,  I love it alot 


* It is Waterproof / Water Resistant.

* It does not Fade.

* It doesn’t Smudge ( Smudge Proof) when rubbed ( when dried).

* It takes a little bit of time to dry but you will have to work quickly enough with the product.

* It is Long-lasting.

Inglot Duraline comes in a tiny transparent glass bottle with a black dropper for a Lid. The dropper Lid is a little bit tricky because it dispenses more product than you need / require.  So, care has to be taken when using this as not to waste it. But nothing to worry about, after 2-3 times you would get used to it and know your way around handling it better ( i.e the dropper).

Coming to the product itself,  it is  a Paraben-free Clear LiquidMy first thought was that it looks like water Infused something something ( Lol! Imagine my thoughts).  It looks like water by mere sight but consistency wise it is thicker and feels quite Slippery.  I was made to understand that it was due to the Silicone  content that made it slippery. 

It comes in a 9ml bottle that should last you quite a long time depending on the usuage.

Inglot Duraline is a very versatile product and can be used in many different ways which will be listed below:

2 – 3 drops of Inglot Duraline added into the Gel liners 

Swatches of the drying up Gel Liners 

If you look at it closely,  you will see that its alot creamier, pigmented and intense and most especially a little goes a long way. It glides beautifully and effortlessly. 
This was the main reason /purpose for me purchasing the Inglot Duraline. I have soooooo many dried-up gel liners that in the bid to revive them has gotten damaged or thrown away one way or the other. So, I decided to purchase this and ever since then I have never thrown away my dried-up gel liners anymore. 

Drying up quickly is the most common problem associated with gel liners in general but with just a small drop (2-3 drops)of Duraline added into the gel liner just before usuage turns it back to its original state if not better. But I love to leave it overnight so that the Duraline works its way into the gel liner properly and does its thing honey.

What I also noticed about this product is that the gel liner becomes very soft (loosens up), easy to use and in my opinion product wastage is maximally reduced because of how soft the gel liner has become. Your Angled brush picks up little at a time and the formula is intensified making the gel liner to glide onto the eye (Gel Eyeliner) / brow (Brow Gel) easily and effortlessly.

Using or adding a drop of Inglot Duraline instead of water to your pigments/ Pressed eyeshadow will make it Wet and thereby making the transformed eyeshadow last longer on the eyelid amd intensifies the color. You don’t even need an E/S base or Primer as it becomes crease-proof. Personally, I haven’t tried this method so, I cannot give my own 2 cents on this.

Adding few drops of Inglot Duraline to your drying clumpy Mascara helps to prevent / drastically reduce the clumping look that some Mascara tend to have. What i did was to put 1 drop of the Duraline on the Mascara Wand, dipped it back into the tube and swirled it around not pumping it into the tube ( I did this like 2-3 times).  I noticed it transformed it in to a better less clumpy Mascara ( mind you I always leave this overnight for me personally but you can use immediately) but the little issue will be trying to get it off your lashes when your done for the day but with a Waterproof makeup remover it will do the job effortlessly / just fine honey. 

Mix the Duraline with your loose pigment or pressed Eyeshadow ( scrape abit of the pressed Eyeshadow) at the back of your hand or metal palette to form either a Smudge proof color or a colored liquid liner. In respect to loose pigments, the Duraline helps lock the pigments in place which helps to reduce Smudging,  fallouts, Smearing of the transformed product and also importantly brings out the Vibrancy of the transformed eyeshadow and thereby Prolonging it for a very long time.

This definitely / truly works. The Duraline transforms the Eyeshadow into a concentrated fluid texture that can be used as a Gel Eyeshadow or liquid Eyeliner. This ensures that the color resist creasing, smudging or fading.  Take heed because it takes quite an effort to take it of so, a makeup remover will definitely come in handy.

I tried this and its AWESOME! 

I don’t really know how this works exactly but I guess in my opinion maybe when you have lipstick that has been deported into palette wells,  you add few drops of Duraline into your lipstick of choice for the day  and mix together at the back of your hands. 

What this does is that it will make the lipstick look more vibrant, Smudge – proof and Long-lasting. 

This product is really good for making your Foundations and Concealers last much longer on the face.  Mix a few drops (1 – 2 drops) of it with your Foundation or Concealer of choice and dab on your face. 

Note: make sure you mix properly and don’t add the whole 9ml into your Foundation or Concealer.  I prefer to add it at the back of my hand or Palette with my foundation whenever /each time I want a long wear out of my foundation and I do it Sparingly, pleaaaaaaaaaaase Sparingly. Don’t come and tell me something went wrong please. Follow and listen to directions please………….


So, all in all the INGLOT DURALINE is a very good product to buy and own in your makeup kit as it performs numerous functions in regards to makeup. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and my fellow makeup addicts and lovers.

I don’t regret buying it,  the only thing is that the bottle is 9ml and is quite small so, I have to use it as little as I can to make it last longer for me till my next purchase. 


PRICE: R245 / 7000 NAIRA

I got mine from the Inglot stand at Edgars stores. 




Hi guys, so today is all about my coastal scents hauls I ordered for last year during their Black Friday sales November 2015 but I just received It 2 weeks back ( sent it to my sister-in-laws address in USA and told her to hold on to it till I was ready as I was relocating as at the time). I got their hot pot eyeshadows which was on sale for $0.98 and I ended up getting 44 pieces,  1 Mineral glitter pot in Bejeweled, 2  interchangeable Pallete and 1 smokey Eyes Brush set. Being that it was on sale I didn’t pay much. The total amount I paid wasn’t even up to $60 for every thing. I made sure I did my homework and research on the hot pots before I added then in my cart upon purchasing ( I really did my homework). During the sales when you spend up to $50 you have free delivery to a US address which i did to reduce the shipping cost from the US to another country. 


I fell in love with the shades I got. They are smooth, buttery, blendable, easy to apply and work with and most of all very INEXPENSIVE and PIGMENTED. Not all of them are but the ones I ordered for myself are AWESOME. How inexpensive and Pigmented it is was the driving factor for this purchase which I did. I had other hot pot shades i wanted to purchase but they were out of Stock ( yeah out of Stock imagine,  wasn’t surprised though). So, I went to plan B and picked other shades that were available at the moment that I knew was the bomb also. I wouldn’t blame them ( coastal scents) because alot of people were waiting to buy the world ( hot pots, etc) on their website.  I stalked the site myself before I could get through in ordering for the things I wanted. I am happy with the hot pots I got and I wanted to show you guys the hot pots I got and maybe when you guys want to make purchases of your own you could give these ones I got a try because I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE and I can’t wait to create looks using them.
So, the shades I got are as follows according to the pictures below going horizontally:



1.  HP – ME07 White Silver
2.  HP – 125    Gypsy Blue
3.  HP –  197   Niagara
4.  HP –  229   Lakeshore
5.  HP –  208   Platinum Blue
6.  HP –  005   Frosty Taupe
7.  HP –  216   Kodiak
8.  HP –  198   Pacific Opal
9.  HP –  213   Laguna Green
10. HP –  126  Jewel Teal
11. HP – 200  Persian Green
12. HP – 158  Deep Viridian
13. HP – 230  Mazarine Blue
14. HP – 012  Brandeis Blue
15. HP – 270 Golden Buttercup
16. HP – 260  Mimosa
17. HP –  261 Miss Marigold
18. HP – 242  Atomic Apricot
19. HP – 301  Tangerine Dream
20. HP – 251  Phoenix Sun
21. HP – ME03  Bright Copper
22. HP – 185 Sage Sensation
23. HP – 183 Peridot
24. HP – 165  Limelight


25. HP – 296 Deep Merlot
26. HP – ME04  Light Plum
27. HP – ME20  Mauve Frost
28. HP – 021     Wisteria
29. HP – ME06 Silver Lilac
30. HP – 307  Panama Rose
31. HP – 305 Raspberry Tart
32. HP – 206 Dark Goldenrod
33. HP – 195 Golden Avocado
34. HP – 302  Pure Bronze
35. HP – 269  Medieval Gold
36. HP – 040  Deep Eggplant
37. HP – 014  Regalia Purple
38. HP – 314  Edgy Eggplant
39. HP – ME19  Pink Frost
40. HP – 134 Vibrant Maroon
41. HP – 286  Wine Berry
42. HP – 253  Baked Clay
43.  HP – 136  Vibrant Red
44. HP – 274  Fire Glow

Please don’t mind the picture quality,  it was taken at night and I wasn’t patient enough to take Pictures of them first before swatching them on my hands. #Sorry no pictures of Swatches yet
I had a mishap with Mazarine Blue.  It was broken upon delivery and I had to put my DIY tip to use by using 99% alcohol on putting it together honey yesssss! Baby yesssss!

I was also given a small Eyeshadow sample set 39  of hot pots at the side and they are:


* Solar Flare
* Vibrant Green
* Vibrant Plum
* Capri Blue

Out of the free sample I was given, the very 1 I am most definitely in love with is the Vibrant Plum (Matte).  I wish I ordered that very one in a normal size pan. I love it alot. Its soooooo soft, buildable and blendable. I use it on my Crease or Outer V of my Eye. Its a must have definitely. You won’t be disappointed.



I decided to get just 1 Glitter  Powder called Bejeweled which is ah-mazing and shiny/glittery as ever. I regret not buying more glitter,  if I had known how beautiful it was i would have ordered more for myself. It was on sale for $2.48. You can’t beat that with a stick Dar-ling, you can’t.


So, I had to buy interchangeable  palette 28 piece  to store/put them ( hot pots) in to keep them safe. It was on sale for  $4.43 each. So, I bought 2 of them. The Packaging is not all that but it still works as it has 28 wells which is magnetic.  So, the hot pots just stays in it without falling off because its magnetic and it fits right into it. I love it alot, it does the job just fine sweety just fine.



I got 1 smokey Eye brush from Coastal Scents. It was on sale for $5.47.  I just decided to get these because I wanted something travel friendly that contains the essential eye brush.  I am not in total love with all the brushes inside except the blending brush.  I love the blending brush alot,  it blends very nicely and its not harsh and scratchy at all. The set contains 5 Cosmetic Brushes which includes:

* Large Shadow Brush (Pony Tail)
*  Dome Smudger ( Pony Tail)
*  Medium Shadow ( Pony Tail)
*  Blender ( Goat hair)
*  Angled Liner (Synthetic)
*  1 Gunmetal Case

Included with the set is a  “Smokey Eyes in Six Easy Steps ” guide to help you create the perfect smokin’ eyes.

See you guys later till my next post #Cheers

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Hi beautiful people,  how is it going with you and your family. I am here with a mini-haul review and Swatches of some products i bought myself and also some that I was gifted. I had been gathering them and waiting for the right time to do this review and show swatches of most of them before you guys ( Makeup enthusiasts)  embark on buying / getting some of them ( the products)  if not all for yourself. 


So, I was fortunate enough to win some products from the Prestige line and they are:
* Prestige my blackest Eyeliner
* Prestige Color Intense Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in 01- The Black
* Total Intensity Color Rush E/S in TIC – 03 ON THE PROWL.

All these 3 products above came in a small makeup purse also from Prestige that i use to store some of my lip pencils at a time.

The other products i got bought with my own money are:

* Clicks + Eyelashes Silver Strip Glitter (Ultra Glam Lashes) with glue included
* Clicks + Eyelashes Natural ( Enhances your Eye Contours) with glue included
*  Clicks + Smudge  kohl Pencil in White
*  Accessorize Icon Eyeshadow in 7- Chocolate Fondant
*  Cala Studio Master Blending Brush
*  Black Opal Color Splurge E/S Duos in Tawny Tease
*  Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 001 Black/Noir
*  Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen in 01 Deep Black
I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite makeup stuffs.




    This is an intense Black liquid eyeliner pen which comes in a black pen format with a felt tip. It enables you to draw a Precise, clear and flawless line and it is Waterproof with no transfer formula. It is easier for a beginner to use this as it gives a precise line and easy to handle.  One thing I don’t like is that the felt – tip is a bit fat ( not slim)  and after awhile the liquid product didn’t get to the tip of the felt and I had to hold the pen sideways in other to draw a nice looking wing liner but all the time it never gives a thin line always too fat for my liking. I like to draw a thin liner so that my Eye Makeup will be visible enough.


This is a black colored Pencil.  It is Soft and easier to use when lining your Waterline and it is Smudge – proof too. It is indeed Black and Intense, Long lasting, Waterproof and it shows up wonderfully on the eyes.
This is indeed a must have if you cant get your hands on Mabrook Black Eye Pencil.



This is an advanced formulation that provides a controlled and an even pigment release during application.  It imparts Ultra- Cream and even application, high pigment, Vibrant and lasting color registration, extended wear and skin conditioning benefits – according to the company. 

This is a beautiful metallic Bronze Color. It is also a Neutral color which can be worn as an everyday look.
The Pigmentation of on the prowl is okay. It has a soft, buttery texture to it and its easier to work with ( consistency wise) but using an e/s base or Primer with it will make it more prominent and intensified.  It can be applied dry or wet for a more intense color pay off.



I looooooove this Eyelashes because it indeed gives the eyes an ultra Glam look. It has a Silver Strip Glitter lined eyelash band and the lashes itself are not all equal in length which will give a really glamorous look to the eyes. I love it. This is an Eyelash when you want your eyes to do all the talking while you just keep silent because of the Silver glitter lined Eyelash band. It comes with a glue inside but I don’t use it. I am not ready to experiment with it just yet, maybe later in the future.  The glue I use is the Duo Adhesive Eyelash glue which works really well for me.



I am also in love with this particular eyelash because it is beautiful and wings out nicely at the outer corner of the eyelash itself. It is very good for a bride without being overly long. It is Soft and very Light weight. The eyelash band is really thin and it enhances your eye Contours beautifully.  It comes with a free glue inside too.



This is a beautiful white Pencil.  It is soft and glides easily on the Waterline and shows off pretty well without being stacking white but it gives a soft white liner on the Waterline.  I love it and this will be my new staple when I want to line my Waterline if and when I don’t want to use Black. Its good to switch once in a while and using a white liner gives your eye look another dimension. 



This is a gorgeous deep dark cool toned shimmery Brown color. It is shimmery but has no big chunky Sparkle bits in it which is awesome for me. It is pigmented but I would advise you to use an eyeshadow Primer underneath for more intense color and also to prevent it from falling or smuding everywhere on your eyes and face. It comes in an attractive round transparent case with the image of 2 Golden butterflies imprinted in front with the name Accessorize written at the bottom. I love the design of the case and you can see thru the front part of the case to know the color you want or admire before picking / buying it. If you use a black E/S base or Primer it becomes more intense which gives another dynamics to the look.  This will really give a beautiful Brown smokey eyes. 



What the company says:
This is perfect for applying colors from lash line to brow bone for a natural flush of color or just underneath the brow boneto highlight and brighten the eye area. It is cruelty – freevand the hair bristles arr synthetic.

My thoughts :
The bristles are soft for a synthetic hair. It is not soo big and blending colors in your Crease area is a breeze.  It also packs alot of colors on it so, care has to be taken while blending colors with it. You have to dip the blending brush into your Matte e/s a little at a time and not swirl into it alot or else you will have a lot of products on it. So, a little goes a long way.



This comes in a black case with the top half of the case transparent so that you can have a peek at the colors inside before purchasing.  It comes in 2 different colors in it ( duo eyeshadows in it).  A cool Gold color and a soft Reddish – Brown color which i use as a transition color on the eyes? The Gold shade is soft and buttery and easy to work with in terms of consistency and with no or minimal fall-out. I swatched them without a Primer but if you do otherwise ( use a Primer)  its more intense as usual.



This is a nice Gel eyeliner.  It stays all day and it is pigmented.  There was no smudging, smearing or even fading. It isn’t easy to apply with the brush provided. It dries relatively quick and so you have to work with it fast. One thing I also noticed is that once you apply the gel liner on your lash line and you decided to go over it again is a bit of problem because it doesn’t really allow you to build upon it and won’t glide easily over it thereby making your liner not to  give you a smooth finish. The brush in my opinion is flimsy and its of no use. I use the brush to highlight my inner tear duct because its small enough but using it as an eyeliner brush is going to be one of the biggest mistake you will ever make. For me I use a slim angled eyeliner brush with this product and it works just fine for me.



This is an extremely long-lasting precision eyeliner with a particularly slim felt – tip applicator which is ideal for creating a fine thin and precise line. The Packaging is quite sturdy and it comes in a 0.034 fl. oz / 1 ml slim Black tube. The color pay off is good. It is an  intense Black color with just 1 swipe. I love it alot because Its easier for me to get into my inner tear duct while lining and I will repurchase it all over again when I run-out.  It is Smudge proof, extra long-lasting and ophthalmology tested.

The first 3 products can be found in Nigeria Beauty stores while the other products were purchased in SA from Clicks +, Dischem and some other stores. 

Hope you enjoyed my post and till my next post #CHEERS

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Do you know that God will always bring the right people into & across your part in life who will assist you in fulfilling your DREAMS & how you relate with them will determine if you are going to get the best or not from such relationships? – Edgar Omoruyi 

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Hi guys,  today I am doing a review on the Revlon Super Lustrous ( RSL) lipstick in JUST ENOUGH BUFF (613), WINK FOR PINK (616), CARAMEL GLACE (103), CAPPUCCINO (353), CHAMPAGNE ON ICE (205), BLUSHED (420), BLUSHING MAUVE (460), WINE WITH EVERYTHING (520), BLACKBERRY (640), COCOPLUM CHROME (380) and LILAC CHAMPAGNE. 

These lippies were gifted to me by my eldest sister (Vivian) except lilac Champagne which i bought myself. She bought 2 packs containing 48 different lipsticks. So, I had to share 1 pack (24) with my other sis (chinwe). Hence,  these are the colors i picked unknowingly without swatching them because she said I was going to pick the beautiful colors and leave her with the not soo good ones…. Lol! I would have you know, but its all good.

What the company says about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Infused with mega moisturizers to seal in color and softness.  Find your Lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 shades in 4 fabulous finishes of Matte, Pearl,  Creme and Shine. 
*  Exclusive Liquisilk” formula with mega-moisturizers seals in color and softness.
*  Silky Smooth Creamy texture
*  Stay true Color wears evenly


My Thoughts, 

The RSL Lipstick comes in a sturdy tube  in the classic black and gold Revlon case design imprinted on it. Looking at the cap of the lipstick it is transparent which makes it easier for one to see and pick a Color of your choice without screwing the cap open.  One thing I love also is the fact that the cap closes tightly thereby preventing the lipstick from drying out. Overall,  the packaging is nice, simple and elegant.  One issue I have with one of the lipstick ( lilac Champagne) is that it is not fragrance free. It doesn’t bother me but it has a weird chemical smell and the tube packaging and color is different from the others. The fragrance might give someone a headache but after awhile the smell goes away and all is fine and dandy. 





This is a very pale pink /peachy Creme finish lipstick.  It is too pastel on me. It took several Swatches before it started to show up right on my lips and the color payoff and staying power is weak/poor. It didn’t apply evenly but it Glides smoothly.  Not my favorite color.  I think it might go well on Caucasians but for woc( women of color)  it may not except you know your way around to working with it. The Creamy formula is forgiving if your lips are not in tip top shape and its very Moisturizing on the lips though but you have to exfoliate your lips properly.  I wish they can change the formulation so that it looks exactly the same way on the lips as it is on the tube. It would be nice. 

2. WINK FOR PINK ( 616)

This is a light pink /Nudish pink /Neutral pink Pearl Finish Lipstick with Gold micro glitter or Shimmer in it. It is a very Neutral pink that doesn’t have a Brown undertone and its not a bright neon pink. The flecks of Gold shimmer are not enough to make the shade metallic and so doesn’t bother me. It took several Swatches before it showed properly on the lips but its a nice color.  It is fragrance free and doesn’t have a weird chemical smell but care has to be taken because if you apply too much on the lips, it tends to gather towards the inside of my lips and bunch up there.  So, be careful to apply evenly and apart from that it is creamy as usual and applies / glides on smoothly.


This is a light brown Pearl Finish Lipstick with a nice Satin/Metallic Sheen to it with a Brown undertone.  It glides on well on the lips and its not blotchy.  It took about 2-3 Swatches for it to show up properly.  It’s a nice color and me like – it alot.

4.  CAPPUCCINO (353) 

This is a brownish nude Pearl Finish Lipstick with a bit of light pink undertone peeking through with a nice sheen to it.  It is lighter ( color wise) than Caramel Glace.  Its like a natural Lip color for woc but with a frosty sheen to it. It applies smoothly but took about 3-4 Swatches before it showed up properly on the lips.  The staying power is poor but its an OK lipstick. 


This is a slightly Coppery Peach Rose Champagne Pearl Finish Lipstick.  It has a sheen to it and it took about 3-4 swatches for it to appear on the lips.  It glides smoothly and the staying power is poor but overall its a nice color. 

6.  BLUSHED (420) 

This is a light brownish pink Pearl Finish Lipstick with a Sheen to it.  It contains lots of fine shimmer which makes it look like a Frosted sha. Its a very nice nice looking lipstick. It glides smoothly and beautifully well on the lips.  It is extremely creamy and stays on for some hours after which it starts to fade.  The color of the lipstick is light, it doesn’t leave behind any tint on the lips. 


This is a nice medium Warm Pink Pearl Finish Lipstick.  It glides smoothly and beautifully well.  It has a bit of Sheen to it and it took about 3-4 Swatches for it to show up well but all its a nice color. 


This is an ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous lipstick.  It is a wine-red Pearl Finish Lipstick.  It glides beautifully well on the lips and just one swatch,  this baby shinef effortlessly.  Am in love with this Lip color and it gives a frosty sheen to the lips. This is ah-mazing!  OMG! awesome.  It is really pigmented.  This is a must have color to own in your stash. 

9.  BLACKBERRY (640)

This post another Gorgeous lip color.  It is a Brick- Red Creme Finish Lip color. It glides beautifully well on the lips.  It is ah-maz-ing.  Just I swatch on my lips made me giggle ( in a nice way).  It has got a lovely sheen and a rich glossy finish and it is intensely pigmented and a must have.  I wore this color on my Anniversary Makeup look ( put the link) which i posted some time ago.  I believe it ca go with any skin tone.  It’s true to its color,  its Moisturizing and very Creamy also.


This is a Brownish Pearl Finish Lipstick with a Sheen to it.  It glides on perfectly on the lips. This is not a dark brown color.  It is an awesome color and Pigmented too.


I bought this particular lipstick separately.  It didn’t come with the other 10 lipsticks above.  This particular lipstick comes in a Green package tube with Revlon imprinted in Gold on it which is different from the others. It reads at the bottom MOON DROPS LIPSTICK CREME 590 LILAC CHAMPAGNE.  From the name given       ‘ lilac Champagne ‘ you would think its a fusion between lilac and Champagne mixed together (in my head) but to my surprise it is a ‘ hot pink ‘ color and it is true to color. The color caught my eye and I wasn’t mistaken at all. It is Moisturizing as well and the staying power is ah-mazing.  It stayed on like about 4-5 hours on the lips without drinking or eating and even when I removed it, it left behind a light pinkish tint on my lips but goes away after a day or so.  This particular lipstick is super creamy and Moisturizing.  It made my lips feel soft and Silky. 

PROS on lilac Champagne
*  its Creamy and hydrates the lips
*  Its Silky and Soft
*  Its true to its color and ah-mazing

*   The Packaging is not quite sturdy and the tube doesn’t lock properly and you have to be careful in handling it.

*   It has a weird chemical scent that is irritating and not everyone will like it.

Overall,  I love these lipsticks even though some aren’t pigmented but I will find a way around them and work with it.

To get the products listed above. You can contact:


Makeup Studio: SUITE 42, Atara Shopping Complex, Opposite Mobil Filling Station Aguda Market,  Aguda Lagos Nigeria.

Till next time my dear, #CHEERS.

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God’s favorite girl 😘 😉

God’s favorite girl 😘 😉


Hi guys, it seems am on a role today. I have been thinking of doing today’s post for some time now but something else keeps popping up. So, today’s post is all about the Wet n Wild megalast lipstick in 908C Sugar Plum Fairy, 965 Cherry Picking, 903C Just Peachy, 969 24 Carrot Gold, 905D Smoking Hot Pink, and 910D Red Velvet. I got some colors a while back during one of my few but not numerous shopping spree lol….. After reading reviews on them On the Internet so I decided to splurge a little by buying 6 colors of their lippies and give them a trial. Hopefully you guys can see the colors and color payoff better and also help out in picking shades to buy if you all are interested in getting some .


 What Wet n Wild Says: 

 Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color Lipsticks comes in about 26 colors, all with a semi-matte creme finish formula in one stroke. It has a staying power of 4- hours and it’s a long wearing lip color. It Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A & E help smooth lips.
  Those claims are all pretty much TRUE! Yea! they are. 


The Wet n Wild Megalast lip color lipstick actually do last for about 4-hours without drinking or eating and not all of them are creamy as stated. but over time like 2-hours into wearing the lipstick, they tend to feel a bit dry on the lips unlike the holy grail ‘RUBY WOO ‘ from MAC . So, to get away with this situation, what I do is to exfoliate my lips first then I moisturize by applying LIP BALM on my lips there after. To exfoliate the lips what you do is to gently use your tooth brush over your lips which in turn helps to take off/remove the dead skin cells. This can be done while brushing your teeth in the morning. This is a great and inexpensive way of exfoliating your lips.
The pigmentation is awesome ( out of this world ) and one swatch , you get full pigmentation with no skipping. And one more thing, they don’t stain the lips afterwards. There is no noticeable/weird-scent or weird-taste on the lipsticks for people allergic to them. 
As for the pricing, they cost between 1000/1500 Naira which is a bit pricey compared to buying them in the states for $2.29 but still it’s a good steal for a drugstore gem. 
The only con I see is the PACKAGING. It’s so wrong. The lip stick itself doesn’t screw down into the cap completely and most of the time it gets nipped by the lid when covering. Don’t think you can be soooo careful not to fall victim, it takes just a day for the lipstick to hit the lid lol…… So, you have to be gentle and careful while either twisting up or twisting down the lipstick. 
 One more thing I don’t like is that the name and code is written on the plastic seal thingy covering the lipstick and when you yank / tear it off to unseal the product, you will be left with the  code  which is written at the bottom of the lipstick. But the new packaging has both (code and name) written at the bottom part but if you see otherwise you should know you have the old packaging.  The formulas are still the same and the pigmentation is awesome. 


Difference between the old and the new packaging of wet and wild Megalast Lipstick

Overall, I am glad I bought some of them and I will be purchasing more of them in the near future when I go makeup shopping . Nonetheless, I ain’t complaining because am enjoying mine and you too should go get yours too . 


Swatches showing wet and wild Megalast Lipstick with and without flash Respectively

1. 908C Sugar Plum Fairy
2. 905D Smoking Hot Pink
3. 903C Just Peachy
4. 910D Red Velvet
5. 969 24 Carrot Gold
5. 965 Cherry Picking


Above pic is natural lightening and below is with my phone flash on

This is a plum/ berry color or Cool Fuchsia Pink lipstick depending on the pigmentation of your lips and lighting but on me its Fuchsia Pink with flash from my phone camera and without flash it’s like a plum color but honestly I am still in love with this color. It’s amaze-balls. It kinda looks more darker in color in the tube but no love lost though. The texture and the finishing is out of bounds. #singing ‘so in love’ by Boyz 2 Men . I can’t seem to stress my love for this shade enough. This is a #MUST HAVE and it’s the closet dupe for MAC’s REBEL Lipstick.  I didn’t pair this lipstick with any lip liner because in my opinion  I felt it didn’t need one and its pigmented as it is . 



This is a Pinky Red/ Reddish Pink color whichever one you want to call it. the color is so cool and lovely feminine I must say. It applied wonderfully. This is for anyone that is not bold enough to rock bold red lips ,This is perfect for you guys out there, yes! It is. Try this one instead.  This is said to be a dupe for MAC Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess and Revlon Cherries in the Snow.  I paired this lips with Tara Orekelewa  lip liner in Wine ( name rubbed off ) to give it another dimension.



This is a very pale peach/ pink colored lipstick with neutral undertones. It is a bit drying and you have to be careful when applying this. This is kinda for we ladies that likes nude but with a hint of color. I really love this shade. It’s my kind of perfect Nude pink color and it suits me well. It doesn’t wash me out like other nude lipsticks that makes you look dead #sorry  for the description. It’s not a good look in my opinion. I paired this lips with Flormac  Waterproof No 211  Lip liner to get in my opinion my perfect Nudey pink Lips.  This is said to be a dupe for Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Babette 

969  24 CARROT GOLD 


This was the first lipstick I purchased from wet and wild before I got the others. This is a bright kinda in your face orange lipstick. But in a way it’s not soo orangey on me. It was tending towards like a coral / light orange color on my lips. Don’t know why maybe the flash of my phone was misbehaving or too much.  It didn’t apply like a breeze like the others , it was blotchy on my lips and It gave a bit of difficulty but still it’s a beautiful color. I had to exfoliate my lips and moisturized also to get by using this color and it was manageable.  This is said to be a dupe for MAC Morange.  I paired this lipstick with   Zaron Lip Liner in Red Vine. 



This is a warm medium bright pink lipstick color. It’s beautiful. It applied like a breeze without any difficulty or blotching. I paired this lips with Office Lip Pencil.



This is a bright cool cherry Red lipstick color. It’s bight and vibrant and fabulous . Lovely! I say lovely. This is said to be a dupe for Mac Ruby Woo but without the drying effect. I paired this lips with Tara Orekelewa Lip Liner in Wine( name rubbed off)  to give it another dimension or you can also line with a dark brown lip liner to create an ombré effect. Whatever floats your boat. 
To purchase any of the products , you can find them all at the address below: 

JUDITH Of JADEMAKEOVERS ( +2349027042866 ) 


Till next time my dear, CHEERS! 
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Hope you like this post. 


Hi guys, it’s your lovely girl MARY. How was your day, mine was engaging and meaningful…. O well for some time now, I have been thinking about getting semi permanent Eyelashes. The thought of lying down for at least 2 hours to get them installed was daunting but I was determined to have them done asap….. Omg ! Was the word I kept on saying in my Mind. So, luckily for me my older sister (Judith ) who is a very talented makeup artist by the way and she knows how to install them and I was very excited. She is the beauty behind the brand called JADE MAKEOVERS and her work is ah-mazing. That’s all I can say, check her out on Instagram , you won’t be disappointed. 

The set day started off by my sister ( Judith ) sharing useful information on how the install will be carried out / done, how to take care of the eyelash and maintenance….. I know it’s funny to hear caring for the eyelashes. You know everything in this world needs to be taken care of and your eyes and lashes are important and needs to be given that extra TLC it always needs. The eyelash extensions are individual strands which comes in different lengths, different Curl shape, are very flexible and natural looking. They are attached individually to your own lashes with the help of an adhesive which is meant for it and not ‘ bonding glue’ which some people use and it’s very bad and damaging to the lashes and most especially to the eyes. They are lash-like hair made from synthetic material, silk or mink. So, I decided to go for the longer ones that will be noticed but still looks natural at the same time and beautiful. 

So, I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. She started by taping my eyes down to prevent movement and the extension glue from staining the areas surrounding my eyes. Yep…..#Eyesclosed and she brushed my own natural eyelash before applying the extension primer on it first and started installing the extensions by attaching it to your natural eyelashes one after the other after applying the adhesive to it first. Yes , she is very detailed and she uses the right products meant for it without cutting corners. She was kind enough to play music at the background because I told her I needed to listen to something at least at the background to enable me sleep 😴. But after awhile I opened one of my eyes to take a peek and I was giggly😁 in a good way. In my utmost and sincere opinion DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES. You don’t want to go there. You just have to be patient and wait till the end to see the result. 

So, fast forwarding to when the install had been done ( completed) I was excited because shutting yours eyes for that long was tiring but my goal was the finish line and O Yes! We got there……. Amen. My eyes wasn’t watering and didn’t have any irritation what so ever. My face got an instant lift ( magically) . The lashes were beautiful and full but light weight too. Didn’t even feel it and it was GOR-GEOUS . My eyes was doing the talking every where I went to and people thought they were mine….. But to think of it they are actually mine but just enhanced to suit me, its all I can say #ENHANCED #Lipssealed. Now, my eyes were ready for the beautiful art of batting my eyes at whomever comes across my way 😉 , where ever and more importantly it cut my beauty routine ( makeup application) greatly. How you say? I don’t fuss anymore about applying mascara and trying to remove clumps ( if any on the lashes), using eyelash curlers and fixing strip lashes also etc. My semi permanent eyelash extension has taken care of it for me. #wonderfulandstressfree. That’s a real bargain . 

That’s me before installation of the lash extension ( BEFORE PICTURE)&


That’s me after installation ( totally magnificent )


Am so sorry , my face was actually too close. I wanted you guys to see the lashes from underneath my own natural lashes. And I bet you can’t tell where the extensions started.


It was a no makeup day for me #sorry


* Enhances the eyes ( important) 

* Feels and looks like your real natural lashes

* Light Weight ( won’t feel it on the eyes) 

* Varying lash length ( to suit your taste and needs) 

* 2/3 months staying power depending on your own natural lash cycle ( you have to refill in between ) 

* Varying shapes e.g C-curls etc ( depending on the look you are going for ) 


* Glue not readily available

* Time consuming ( 2 hours for the install was worth it for me ) 

* Can’t use an oil based makeup remover or cream on them ( as it can make the adhesive loosen and the extensions fall off ) 

* No rubbing of eyes ( as the extensions can loosen and fall off or break) 

* You will have to Refill them every 2-3 weeks depending on how you took care of them and how many has fallen off to prevent gaps/ spaces in between them) 

* The use of mascara and eyelash curler on the lashes are a NO NO. 

So, to get the Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension installed, you can contact : 

JUDITH Of JADEMAKEOVERS ( +2349027042866 ) 


Price: call her for more information. 

Till next time my dear, CHEERS! 
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