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Hi guys, its me again.  So today’s post is all about reviving your dried – up or drying – up Gel Eyeliners using INGLOT DURALINE which is a mixing Medium.  I have “heard” and ‘read’ soooooo many things about this product and I had quite a few drying – up Gel Liners that stared at me each time I opened my makeup box. I didn’t want to buy a new one and after few weeks it ends up in that state ( drying – up) and thereby throwing it away again and the cycle continues all over again.  So, I decided to take the plunge in buying it and you know what I HAVE NO REGRETS,  NO REGRETS AT ALL in purchasing it. Infact,  its the best thing that ever happened to me in the makeup world ( not my personal /private life). Its just a necessity a makeup artist needs in their make-up kit and should have at hand.

what the company says / Claims:

Duraline is a special transforming liquid that will turn any Powder Eyeshadow into a liquid transformation. 

Use one small drop of Duraline mixed with any pressed or loose eyeshadow. This transforms the Eyeshadow into a concentrated fluid texture that can be used as a Gel eyeshadow or liquid eye liner.

Mixing Duraline with eyeshadow ensures that the color will resist creasing, smudging or fading.

Using the dropper, dispense one drop of Duraline onto the back of your hand. Wet a brush by dipping it into the fluid (11S or 17TL for eyeshadow and 23T for Eyeliner)  then blend into any pressed or loose Powder Eyeshadow.  Paint the transformed liquid eyeshadow onto Eyelids or draw along the base of lashes to create a water resistant Eyeliner.

My Thoughts / Review:

This product is a dream.  Yeah! Consistency wise, it looks like oil but it does the job of softening the gel liners beautifully well. It has never irritated my eyes or caused any burning sensation on me. So,  I love it alot 


* It is Waterproof / Water Resistant.

* It does not Fade.

* It doesn’t Smudge ( Smudge Proof) when rubbed ( when dried).

* It takes a little bit of time to dry but you will have to work quickly enough with the product.

* It is Long-lasting.

Inglot Duraline comes in a tiny transparent glass bottle with a black dropper for a Lid. The dropper Lid is a little bit tricky because it dispenses more product than you need / require.  So, care has to be taken when using this as not to waste it. But nothing to worry about, after 2-3 times you would get used to it and know your way around handling it better ( i.e the dropper).

Coming to the product itself,  it is  a Paraben-free Clear LiquidMy first thought was that it looks like water Infused something something ( Lol! Imagine my thoughts).  It looks like water by mere sight but consistency wise it is thicker and feels quite Slippery.  I was made to understand that it was due to the Silicone  content that made it slippery. 

It comes in a 9ml bottle that should last you quite a long time depending on the usuage.

Inglot Duraline is a very versatile product and can be used in many different ways which will be listed below:

2 – 3 drops of Inglot Duraline added into the Gel liners 

Swatches of the drying up Gel Liners 

If you look at it closely,  you will see that its alot creamier, pigmented and intense and most especially a little goes a long way. It glides beautifully and effortlessly. 
This was the main reason /purpose for me purchasing the Inglot Duraline. I have soooooo many dried-up gel liners that in the bid to revive them has gotten damaged or thrown away one way or the other. So, I decided to purchase this and ever since then I have never thrown away my dried-up gel liners anymore. 

Drying up quickly is the most common problem associated with gel liners in general but with just a small drop (2-3 drops)of Duraline added into the gel liner just before usuage turns it back to its original state if not better. But I love to leave it overnight so that the Duraline works its way into the gel liner properly and does its thing honey.

What I also noticed about this product is that the gel liner becomes very soft (loosens up), easy to use and in my opinion product wastage is maximally reduced because of how soft the gel liner has become. Your Angled brush picks up little at a time and the formula is intensified making the gel liner to glide onto the eye (Gel Eyeliner) / brow (Brow Gel) easily and effortlessly.

Using or adding a drop of Inglot Duraline instead of water to your pigments/ Pressed eyeshadow will make it Wet and thereby making the transformed eyeshadow last longer on the eyelid amd intensifies the color. You don’t even need an E/S base or Primer as it becomes crease-proof. Personally, I haven’t tried this method so, I cannot give my own 2 cents on this.

Adding few drops of Inglot Duraline to your drying clumpy Mascara helps to prevent / drastically reduce the clumping look that some Mascara tend to have. What i did was to put 1 drop of the Duraline on the Mascara Wand, dipped it back into the tube and swirled it around not pumping it into the tube ( I did this like 2-3 times).  I noticed it transformed it in to a better less clumpy Mascara ( mind you I always leave this overnight for me personally but you can use immediately) but the little issue will be trying to get it off your lashes when your done for the day but with a Waterproof makeup remover it will do the job effortlessly / just fine honey. 

Mix the Duraline with your loose pigment or pressed Eyeshadow ( scrape abit of the pressed Eyeshadow) at the back of your hand or metal palette to form either a Smudge proof color or a colored liquid liner. In respect to loose pigments, the Duraline helps lock the pigments in place which helps to reduce Smudging,  fallouts, Smearing of the transformed product and also importantly brings out the Vibrancy of the transformed eyeshadow and thereby Prolonging it for a very long time.

This definitely / truly works. The Duraline transforms the Eyeshadow into a concentrated fluid texture that can be used as a Gel Eyeshadow or liquid Eyeliner. This ensures that the color resist creasing, smudging or fading.  Take heed because it takes quite an effort to take it of so, a makeup remover will definitely come in handy.

I tried this and its AWESOME! 

I don’t really know how this works exactly but I guess in my opinion maybe when you have lipstick that has been deported into palette wells,  you add few drops of Duraline into your lipstick of choice for the day  and mix together at the back of your hands. 

What this does is that it will make the lipstick look more vibrant, Smudge – proof and Long-lasting. 

This product is really good for making your Foundations and Concealers last much longer on the face.  Mix a few drops (1 – 2 drops) of it with your Foundation or Concealer of choice and dab on your face. 

Note: make sure you mix properly and don’t add the whole 9ml into your Foundation or Concealer.  I prefer to add it at the back of my hand or Palette with my foundation whenever /each time I want a long wear out of my foundation and I do it Sparingly, pleaaaaaaaaaaase Sparingly. Don’t come and tell me something went wrong please. Follow and listen to directions please………….


So, all in all the INGLOT DURALINE is a very good product to buy and own in your makeup kit as it performs numerous functions in regards to makeup. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and my fellow makeup addicts and lovers.

I don’t regret buying it,  the only thing is that the bottle is 9ml and is quite small so, I have to use it as little as I can to make it last longer for me till my next purchase. 


PRICE: R245 / 7000 NAIRA

I got mine from the Inglot stand at Edgars stores. 

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